Planning a Group Visit We can accommodate up to 15 participants in a group flying session, making it a fantastic activity for a birthday party, family gathering or an unusual office day out. Online booking Contact us

School & Learning

Looking for a great medal day or reward package? Our curriculum based program draws upon the knowledge children have already gained and helps to cement it with fun facts, and a very interesting classroom assistant, Hoss!

Having a hawk in class has proven an excellent tool for increasing focus and engagement.

TV & Film

Are you after an actor with extra flair? An attitude to match their good looks and natural swagger?

Our hawks have incredible personalities, and as long as your equipment can keep up with them, they are sure to WOW you again and again. Whether you’re filming a short film, advert, movie and you need close-ups, acrobatics we can help!

Birthday Party

Nothing beats the thrill of flying an incredible bird of prey. Except flying an incredible bird of prey on your birthday!

Hoss and I can visit you wherever you are, we’ll bring activities and some games to fill the day with lots of fun activities! The birthday person will also receive some “handmade and hawkmade” gifts for their very special day.

Harris’s Hawks are highly social raptors, often found in groups with complex social hierarchies that engage in cooperative hunting.




Booking Online is Easy

You can either use our built in calendar system to reserve a slot, or contact us to discuss any special arrangement.

It’s never been easier, choose a desired date and provide us with some details. We’ll take care of the rest and a booking confirmation email will be sent to you.




Planning a Group Visit

We can accommodate up to 15  participants in a group flying session, making it a fantastic activity for a scout group, birthday party, family gathering or an unusual office day out.

I can even travel out to you making for a really personal experience within your own surroundings.




Working with You

Whether it is designing a lesson package to suit your individual needs, covering specific topics for a scout group or providing leather work demos for a birthday party.

We are all about being flexible, ensuring your experience with us is exactly what you want.

Harris Hawks, Hunting and History

Our talks for scouts and cub groups covers falconry from its origins through to the biology of birds. Throughout the lesson our hawk is sat at the front aiding in focus and creative learning.

He joins in and makes the knowledge relevant and fun. Book your talk today, or for more information please get in touch.

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  • Flying experiences and demonstrations are usually around early afternoon, or if you don’t need a flying show why not consider an evening talk? Our hawk will have gone to roost by this point but our Falconer Katie will prepare a special talk for your needs, and can even bring a selection of our handmade crafts should this suit your needs.
  • Each experience is bespoke and each talk is devised individually to suit the client best. Get in touch to start arranging your visit now!