Kestrel Feather Earring and Pendant Set


A beautiful little set comprising feathers naturally moulted by a female European Kestrel, named Jaeger.

Completely unique and one of a kind!

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Kestrel feathers are such wonderfully patterned little things, and these 3 feathers, all coming from a female European Kestrel named Jaeger, are no different!

The earrings are made using feathers that were moulted from her wings, and the pendant made from a chest feather.

The resin pendant has a white background to help the feather stand out, and is set with some lovely mica stars to add shine and sparkle, such a pretty and eye catching piece!

The earrings are made with 925 sterling silver findings, and the pendant has a natural cord for the chain . I think the gold colours matching beautifully with the feathers alongside it.


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