Aurora Earrings


Incredible looking feather earrings, created using naturally moulted (cruelty free) feathers from an Orange Winged Amazon, named Paulie.


Handmade using natural materials, and sterling silver


Totally unique earrings, take home these one of a kinds!

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Just looking at these stunning earrings brought to mind the dazzling Northern Lights, named Aurora Borealis, seen in a lucky few places across the world.

The green, deep blue and orange  contrasted against that incredibly dark side of the feather really stands out as a striking combination, and complimented finely with a trio of wooden beads per earring.

Set on sterling silver findings, these unique earrings are made using feathers moulted by an Orange Winged Amazon, named Paulie, who gave them to me when she was all finished with them.


Profits from these earrings go back into care for our birds


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